Setting up Hackystat

First I suggest everyone reading this go find out “What is Hackystat “.

Last week I and my partner setup Hackystat on Linux (Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 specifically). It toke quite a bit longer than I had expected but we finally got it all up and running as root on the machine. The documentation for Hackystat is very thorough which makes it easier to go through but there is also alot of it which takes some time. I definitely have a much better feel for the system and how it works as a whole. Unfortunately the sensor service is not at a publicly available address so you wont be able to view it, but you can view the main server at Hackystat Hawaii.

Beyond the realm of Hackystat I also had to setup:

  • A virtual machine image of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition.
  • Updates for windows (over 2GBs)
  • Windows IIS Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Trial (6 months)
  • (Visual Studio Team Foundation Server) VSTFS 2005 Trial (180 Days)
  • Visual Studio 2005 (Pending as of today because of issues with VSTFS)

Needless to say this was very log process but luckily I had lots of documentation to go through:

I expect I will be going through more documentation this week as well. I hope to have some screenshots of the whole system working by the end of the week along with my progress on building a simple VSTFS plugin/add-in/service/”whatever they are calling it now”.

Also some info about using Hackystat at UofT for GSoC: Using Hackystat

P.S. Philip Johnson tells us the weather in Hawaii is amazing, the weather is Canada, is well, less amazing.


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