The current plan

So if anyone is wondering what exactly is going through my head at the moment, don’t worry, I have a fool proof plan…

<Step #> <Codename>: Description

  1. Alpha: Setup the environment. (Complete)
  2. Two’s company: Basic research into the architecture and design of a VSTFS app. (Complete)
  3. Three’s a Crowd: Design a simple app that can listen for a small subset of the available events triggered by TFS.
  4. The Fantastic Fourth: Design a simple app that can send data to a Hackystat server. May include looking at current visual studio sensor for Hackystat.
  5. 5th element: Put simple apps together to get a beta app for the mid-point of GSoC.
  6. Sixth Sense: Advanced research into the more obscure events/information I can get from VSTFS to send to Hackystat.
  7. Lucky seven: Build on the simple apps to increase functionality.
  8. Because 7,8,9: Begin work on some unit-tests and the documentation as a Google code-project.
  9. Cats: Create an easy to use installer.
  10. Decimal: Bug-testing.
  11. Hour: Final clean-up and code submission.
  12. Hex: Sit back and relax).

So thats the general idea. Obviously some parts may take longer than others but hopefully nothing will be too simple or too challenging.


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