With progress there is change!

So yesterday and today I delved into samples from the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2005 SDK which is a subset of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. My goal was to investigate some way of listening to TFS (Team foundation server) events as outlined in the documentation I had been reading during the massive installation I had been working on. I learned two things (one of which I had already suspected since the beginning):

  1. The “Team Foundation Server” does not directly allow for plugins/add-ins to be added (from what I have read and seen). I suspected this already and therefore prepared myself for some client<->server programming.
  2. The existing architecture for listening to Events is web-based, which is still client-server and involves me programming in c# but may require some additional setup for whomever wishes to install the sensor in the near future.

I didn’t expect number 2 but after about an hour of searching around the web I found a nifty bit of code template to confirm my theory.

It took me awhile to get it running as I had never used anything but the default empty template before but after some more poking around the web and fiddling with using BisSubscribe to tell the server I was listening for events I was able to get this:

A Checkin event got handled!

So now that a have a starting point for next week that will focus on building a small web-app that listens to some events and has some customizability. Overall its looking pretty good so far.


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