So many problems

Yesterday there was a massive bug in the eclipse plugin for Hackystat. Somehow it managed to record over 30GBs of data!!! Unfortunately this crashed the server which only had a 50GB drive most of which was filled with a large virtual machine and the client using the plugin who also had a small drive which ran out of space bringing their system to a halt. The problem has been fixed and the Hackystat team has been made aware but its a little discouraging. Hopefully during the course of this GSoC project I won’t encounter too many more bugs :p .

In other news I have begun work on the actual sensor and am currently in the midsts of writing a web-interface to allow for some basic sensor configuration and VSTFS connection items before I actually write the code to connect to the hackystat server. I am doing a ton of re-learning since I last used C# and ASP about 8 months ago. Overall though its pretty cool and I can’t wait till the first pieces of data start flying towards the Development Hackystat server.

P.S. When developing open-source software the key to reeling in the vast majority of clients is to develop software that is easy to install/update/repair/re-install/remove. Very few “average Joe’s” want to build your system from source, configure the environment variables, change the settings files, install dependancies… etc, etc, etc. As you can tell I have done way to much installing/repairing recently.


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