Woot for progress!

So today I finished the subscription part of the application. I wrote a small app that would determine what events were available (unfortunately those are manually imported into an xml ATM), displays which events are currently be registered by querying the database, and also allows for manipulation of registred events (subscribing/unsubscribing) using checkboxes. The interface is mediocre but the whole system works very nicely and can be used to easily get the VSTFServer sending the specified events to the services defined in the TFS Notification Web Services Template. There is a ton of testing and a few hard-coded items that must be changed later; but for now step 3 is basically complete.

Registering A Few Services

More of a personal reminder to myself than anything to report. It may be worth while looking at the possibility of using polling to extract other information that is not reported using a webservice by VSTFS. It would be slower but that database has a TON of info in it and its only just waiting for me to extract it. (BTW: SQL is teh awesome!)

The next step (goal for next week) is to build a simple hackystat connecter that will allow for data collected through the webservice to be sent to a hackystat sensorbase. This may be a bit trickier because the various events all collect different types of data so writing a unified general adapter may be a bit tricky if not impossible.


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