Busy week

It’s been a very busy week. Aside from my own personal life I was able to get some data sent all the way from VSTFS to the development Hackystat database we have setup at UofT. It uses the pre-existing sensorshell to send data which gives the benefit of offline storage and product longetivity with a con of being slower than just making my own. Production has been good and the sensor now sends alot more data about version control than is shown in the screenshot below. I hope to utilize as much of the data as is provided by VSTFS event system to send to Hackystat and maybe even some that isn’t 😉 . Right now it easily sends the equivalent amount of information as the SVN sensor. I shall provide screenshots next week.

In case you were still wondering what VSTFS is exactly, its basically some super-powered team management software and includes all of the tools needed to facilitate team coordination and planning. Its like the corporate edition of DrProject. Right now the tool senses version control info but has the ability to sense more I just need to decide what I want to send and what is overhead info.

One of the most frustrating things about developing a sensor for such a large and requirements dependent system is the setup. Thats why I plan to make the setup and configuration of this sensor as easy and foolproof as possible. On that note, I am done about 70% of the initial settings infrastructure interface that will allow users of this very large sensor to quickly and easily configure critical sensor properties and store them in the (required) running MSSQL Server that stores the other various VSTFS information. Since all settings need to be stored in an sql database there would need to be some heavy security authentication going on if the user wishes to access the sensor properties outside the local system. Therefore I decided that at the moment it can only be run and changed from the computer taht is running VSTFS. I hope to change that in the future… sometime… maybe… we will see.

I am finally at that point in the project where you (and possibly your team) have built up a codebase large enough that you can actually see components working together and really begin to see how the system is functioning and what needs improvement. Its been a bit slow and I’ve had to brush up on my SQL (especially for database creation) as well as SOAP and XML. With a good foundation now its hard to choose from the tons of cool ideas I have on how to extract more data and how to run things more efficiently. Overall its proving to be a really good learning experience.


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