Today was a pretty big day. I spent part of the day (lets say the morning) trying to find out what caused some of the more esoteric events that people can subscribe to with VSTFS. These events include:

  • Any of the Node******* events
  • Any of the Identity******* events
  • The common structure change event
  • Data change event

Now that I have a good idea of what these events are and when they occur I was able to simulate their occurrences and make the appropriate additions to the code to allow for them to be handled by the web service. This means that my web service now crudely supports all 17 built-in VSTFS events and sends the appropriate information to the local UofT Hackystat server (I plan to test this later in the week… but theoretically it should work :p ).

As I am sure the names above are as confusing to you as they were to me the first time I saw them I am putting up documentation about each event and how you can trigger them on my wiki. I don’t have them all up yet but I plan to by weeks end. If your really interested in the project I highly suggest taking a look. The descriptions for each are short and each includes a small screenshot indicating how I went about triggering the event.

My plan for the rest of the week is now three-fold. I must begin to write-up the wiki documentation on what I have done so far, I need to create tests for each of the events that can be sent to the web service and I must start investigating extracting more information than is provided from the web service from VSTFS.

P.S. Anyone remember what step I am supposed to be on at this point in the project?


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