This week, that week, any old week.

If anyone is keeping track I am on something like step “11. Hour: Final clean-up and code submission.” of my 12 step plan. I skipped step “9. Cats: Create an easy to use installer.” because it would require me dishing out about $20 for a decent installation creator that automagically installs most prerequisites. A project in itself. On to more important things.

This week I was trying desperately to get the sensor working on a production server. Mainly my home computer outside of the virtual machine. Most things went ok, there are still some bugs, and boy oh boy you better set your file permissions correctly. I am going to try to get someone else to test it again (where is Luke…) but I need to sort out one very annoying bug. There is a problem when I run the sensor outside of the development environment computer. No matter what I do, every time I try and access a TFS API function I get something similar to this:

Very descriptive right. Looking around the net gives two possibilities and ONLY two possibilities.

  • The compiler compiled a very large program with to many variables. … NOPE!
  • The TFS API does not compile for x64 systems. Maybe…

My system at home runs on an Intel x64 processor but I am specifically running Windows XP Pro 32-bit instead of x64 to avoid such issues. Either way I am pretty sure its not my fault, and something is going strange with the compiler. I even added an “if (tfs != null)” statement, which CRASHED! How the heck do you crash on that. It’s either null or its not null. Sheesh, maybe there really is a third-bit. I’ll try testing it on a strictly x86 system next week.

Looking at the code right now I think some of it is good and well… lots bad. It all works pretty flawlessly in development but who knows about a release server. Therefore I am trying to break it as hard as I can. I also need to add in some more GUI prompts when things fail (like trying to find the TFS server or loading the sensorshell). Everything is logged in the log files of course, but who wants to check that every three seconds. And what happens if the log file cannot be written because of say… permissions?

I also migrated all the code and most of the documentation over to Hackystat TFS on Google Code. I think it will be happier there as it will allow more people to help contribute to it. It also better fits the Hackystat motif. This means that I will be deleting all my code and documentation from the Dr. Project site so others don’t get confused later. BTW: Anyone know how to limit image sizes with the Google Wiki Syntax?

I also need to make a screencast video showing of my awesome sensor working. Any tips (programs, editing) on that would be very helpful.


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