House keeping

Today I did some very overdue house-cleaning as well as setup the unit-test infrastructure. First off I reinstalled VMware with a new version in hopes it would provide better speed. It did. Next I installed (finished installing) Visual Studio Team Systems 2008 and its corresponding Team Center add-in so I could access the Team Foundation Server and the project it was housing. I then set to work creating a new c# test project which will be used to create unit tests for the system.

Then the trouble began. Source Control is a fickle thing, and it seems as though all of the updates, renaming, moving, offline deleting and general mucking about with forces well beyond my comprehension had confused the Team Foundation Source Control Server so badly that it wouldnt add or delete files I had changed. I did the only thing I could do which was to backup the hard-files I had been working on and delete the project. (Don’t worry all, I have a second version on SVN at Main Repository ). I then created an entirely new Source Control project, added all the old files, converted the project to .NET 3.5, created a new unit test sub-project and then commited everything to both the Main Repository and the Backup. Now I know what not to do in the future.

I feel as though I have been lacking with the substantial updates and pictures as of late. Therefore I hope to post a huge update this Friday.


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